Friday, June 24, 2011

Jung Dayeon - FigureRobics (x4)

The woman who kick-started the "momjjang" (hot body) fad in Korea, Jung Da-yeon.
This young lady (they don't say she's 40!!) transformed herself through exercise, and is known as an expert on physical training and exercise now.
She has released a popular fitness book, a DVD called "Momjjang Diet" and even been in a K-drama (in Korea) called "Aquarius".
Jung played a fitness instructor.
She has her own website,

that is in Korean and Japanese.

And here are some clips from her TV show FIGUREROBICS from YouTube:

source : asian women fitness blogspot

You can find the files here :

Big huge thanks to Tingkabelle !!

Here's what i did cause izarc was having issues with the kanjis : i renamed the WHOLE title (apparently the spaces are asian too) once i renamed the "part" files it opened and extracted perfectly.

Now i had to rename the extracted file cause the player was having issues with it too, so same thing u rename the WHOLE title.

ok here's the first file Figure Dance (man I'm slow sorry lol)

Now Figure Dumb (for dumbells lol)

Figure Robi

Figure Mat

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